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Do you offer Gun Dog Training?
Yes.  We offer basic retriever and obedience training.

Do you sell puppies with breeding rights?
No, but it may be possible to co-own or be a guardian home.​​​
​Do you start crate training with the puppies? 
Yes, crate training begins around 6 weeks of age.​​​​​
Can we visit your facility?
We do not allow visitation at this time because we have an elderly relative that resides with us.

White spots on Labs?
Yes, purebred Labradors can have white spots on their chest and occasionally feet/toes.  These are called "Bolo" marks.
Dudley or pink pigment? 
We do not produce Dudley/no pigment yellows.
How much and often do Labs shed?
A lot and all the time LOL
What food do you recommend?
We currently feed Purina Pro Plan Performance 30/20
What types of toys and chews do you recommend?
Only things that the dog can consume.  Absolutely no rawhide or antlers.  Bully sticks, tracheas, pig ears, cow ears, raw non-weight bearing bones (ribs are good).  Remember if it lasts a long time chances are it is hard enough to break teeth and cause pain and expensive dental bills.​