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Each litter we produce is carefully planned to allow us to provide them with the highest level of care and time that they deserve and require.   We start very early preparing them to be the best companions possible.  Early Neurological Stimulation begins on their 3rd morning of life and continues daily until their 14th day.  The next two weeks consists of daily interaction and handling as well as becoming used to the noises of a household (dishes clanging, vacuuming, doors slamming, television, phone ringing, etc.).  Between their 4th and 5th week they are introduced to the great outdoors.  We utilize the rules of 7 in socializing each puppy, follow Puppy Culture, and perform Volhard Apptitude Tests in order to match each pups personality to her/his future home.  Puppies are also introduced to live birds, gun fire, and water.  Observations are noted and pups with the highest drive are placed in performance/hunting homes. Conformation evaluations generally take place around the end of the 7th week.  Puppies are generally matched to their homes after conformation evaluations are complete.