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Our medical equipment consists of an 18x24 PuppyWarmer incubator, oxygen concentrator, large canister of pure oxygen, nebulizer, air sterilizer, and ultrasound machine.
All puppies are raised using the Puppy Culture program.  Learn more here.
We understand that some owners may want to breed their dog but lack the time, equipment, facility, and experience to give the puppies the best start in life.
We are offering our services to a select few by reservation only.
All ​​puppies are whelped inside our home under constant supervision.    
​Bitch comes to our home 1 week prior to her due date which is when we would have a radiograph for a head count.  She is fed 4 small meals per day leading up to whelping.  


​​Whelp to Week 1 - Puppies are weighed twice a day for the first week and supplemented as needed.  Starting at day 3 Early Neurological Stimulation begins

Week 1 - ENS continues plus we add scents to the process

Week 2 - Eyes are opening - New tactile items are introduced, nest is expanded, individual cuddle sessions begin, 


Week 3 Socialization Begins - Puppies are acquainted to new sounds, litter box training begins, weaning commences, de-wormer administered

Week 4 Socialization Part 2 - Move to weaning pen, introduced to play gym, new surfaces, and outdoor time, 

Week 5 Socialization Part 3 - Expand new surfaces, Start free stack for those showing, birds and wings for sporting dogs, and manding, de-wormer administered


Week 6 Part 4 - Puppy Party new families can meet the puppies, crate training begins, car ride (2018 Ford Transit with rear A/C), potty training transitioning, continue birds and or show stacking, photo shoot


Week 7 Part 5 - Behavioral observations, Eye exams, health certificates, structural assessments at end of week, leash introductions, de-wormer administered, microchip implanted. 

For those that wish to continue beyond 8 weeks of age:​​

Week 8​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Part 6 - Continuation and expansion plus obedience sit/here

Week 9 Part 7 - Off premise socialization, show handling, agility foundation, introduce friendly outside dogs, barrier foundation work, ​​obedience sit/here/down

​​​​Week 10/11 Part 8 - daily car rides, sit/down/here/heel

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Basic Whelping Fees:
Bitch Boarding $150 per week
1-4 Puppies $225 per week
5-9 Puppies $375 per week
10+ Puppies $550 per week

Transportation to our vet for X-Ray, Surgical Implant, C-Section, Health Certs, or any other veterinary need is a flat rate of $50.

​​Puppy handling fee for health certificates is $10 per puppy (this covers sanitization of travel crates and disposable 
absorbent lining).

DNA testing, owner orders test plus $5 per puppy​​​

Pick-up/Delivery to Tampa or Orlando airport $100​​

What you need to supply:
Bitch's vaccination records
Breeding records - progesterone levels and dates
A credit card on file with our veterinarian ​​​​
Dog Food for your bitch, we feed ProPlan chicken 30/20 and charge $5 per day if you use our food.
Any medications and/or supplements, we suggest a quality fish oil​​​

Client is responsible for all veterinary expenses and AKC registration​​

Contact Us Rebecca@RiverRetrievers.com
Beginning at 5 weeks of age we can introduce puppies to wings and live birds. 
​Wings and live bird/scent work introduction with photos and videos $10 per puppy per session
Show training with videos and stacked photos taken @ 6,7,& 8 weeks​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ $20 per puppy

AKC ISO Microchips​​ $20 per puppy